She's No Commercial

My parents have a habit of telling me not to have a second child, as the first one is a commercial and the second one is the real thing. I have to disagree. My daughter is no commercial. I had a discussion with Phoebe's new Pre-K teacher who started three weeks ago. She said Phoebe's been having some horrible temper tantrums at least one a day, maybe two that are really disturbing to the class. Sometimes she has to be sent down the hall to the Director's office because she's just so loud, yelling, kicking, and screaming. I have to say I do believe her teacher. I've seen one or two at home and I send her to her room with her door closed. I will not give in to whatever she's looking for, because that will make it twice as bad next time. On the way home talking to her, I found out what I think happened that I'm hearing this from the new teacher. The new teacher follows the rules, that the Asst Director would break when she was filling in. She'd let Phoebe have her teddy bear in the middle of the day when the rules are that it's only for naptime, and other things that I think she gave in to just to not have the kids get upset. I like that the new teacher is following the rules. Phoebe needs to get used to this to be ready for Kindergarten next year. I also think it's good that she's seen both kinds of teachers, because she needs to get used to teachers having different rules.

I told her teacher I was going to make sure she went to bed at an earlier time from now on and talk to her about her temper. I asked her teacher to send me daily notes in her cubby if she's had a good day or not. If it's a bad day, Phoebe will go to bed 10 minutes earlier. I'll also be taking away priviledges. She did not get her "surprise" on our weekly "Surprise Day." She knows it was a chocolate bar I got from a party at work today. Oh well.

On other notes, we haven't had any offers on our current house. We had 3 appointments during the week since it went on the market on 29 November. We also had an open house this past Sunday. Only 4 groups walked through in the two hours, but two seemed very interested. We'll see. We may not hear anything back until after the new year. I hope so at least!

We found out yesterday that the new house may be done early. Our current closing date is 28 Feb 2006, but they are saying now they may be done by the end of January or middle of February. We'll see what happens. I'm starting to get really nervous.


Anonymous said…
Good luck with selling the old house.
Emily aka madmommy

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