Hello Again!

I've been busy getting ready for the holidays, so I know I've been a little sparse in my postings. You'll have to excuse my last post. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining about my daughter. To explain, it's a little more of a complaint of my families "Just Relax" when it comes to secondary infertility. You see, in my family, the first child is always the easier child. The one they never have to worry about. The second child is usually always in trouble. My mom is the second child (got pregnant at 16), my brother is the second child (bi-polar), and my mom's sister's second get's into trouble as well I've been told. They always tell me to stick to one. The first is the commercial. The second child is the real thing. I hate that saying as much as we all hate to hear "Just relax." "Go on vacation." "Just adopt." or my favorite hated new one..."New house, new baby."

Phoebe's adjusting better to the new teacher. Her tantrums are one to none a day at school. They have their Christmas concert at the hospital tomorrow. I can't wait. She's so cute when she sings, and she sings a lot!

We've had many appointments to walkthrough our house, even last Friday! I can't wait to get all this finalized and know what date we'll be closing our old house. At this point, we're not anticipating any offers until after the new year, but we'll see.


chris said…
I've always heard the exact opposite. It's got to be true--if I ever have another, it had better not be another climbing little rascal, is all I'm saying.

He's lucky he's cute.

Take care.
Anonymous said…
The importnat thing here is to NOT let the school system 'contain' her energy by giving her drugs to get in 'compliance' - DO NOT let this happen.
Regards, Anita
The Queen Mama said…
I totally disagree with the "first as commercial" line of thinking. With me, it was more like, the first was boot camp, and the second was a vacation in the Bahamas.

Isn't it so hard sometimes to bite your lip to keep from shouting, "Butt the hell out!"

And real estate doesn't necessarily take holidays. Hang in there!
Monica said…
It must be frustrating to hear people say that - it's more than a little insensitive. You have a right to complain. I hope everything works out for your daughter in school!
Mandy said…
I really hate the comments too. Right now, I am bombarded with "it will happen when he gets home from deployment...it always does then".

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