Where Have All the Idealists Gone?

John Lennon was my favorite Beatle. I even loved him post-Beatles in a completely different way. I was going to write a completely different post tonight, but coming back from dropping Tom off at school, I got to listen to NPR for an hour back to Delaware and of course the topic of the evening was John Lennon and comments from people as to what he meant to them and where were they when they found out he was shot dead?

John Lennon meant a lot to me growing up, but I’ll discuss that more in a minute. Where was I when I found out he died? I was at home. I was 9, almost 10, years old. I remember my father telling me and I cried and was terribly upset. John Lennon being shot was my JFK assassination. To me John Lennon was young, exciting, and wanted to make the world a better place. Just his way was through music. Please don’t think that at 9 years old I was too young to understand this. You have to understand I was old way beyond my years at this point. I grew up listening to the Beatles. My father is a huge Beatles fan; therefore, so was I, even at a young age. I’m the daughter of two idealists who talked to me constantly about choices I would have to make in my life. My mother was your typical flower child of the 60s, who just happened to have a baby when she was 17 and newly married. My father wasn’t a complete idealist (he had many racist tendencies which he seems to have gotten over) but he raised me to question the Catholic church, all organized religion, and instilled in me a lot of socialist tendencies. I was quite the Communist for many years. I still believe in a more socialist society than how we live today. Dad and I are big Star Trek fans and I think we both are mostly for the reason that we can’t wait for the human race to realize how much we can accomplish if we stop fighting each other and accept us for who we are and ensure that no one needs for anything.

So this is why John Lennon was my favorite Beatle. I saw the idealist in him. I know a lot about his life, but I can’t say I really understood him. He was very human like us all and had human frailties, but I saw the idealist in him.

I think we need more of these out there today. Where are the idealist leaders these days? Who in power or who has a voice is talking enough about ending this war we’ve been sent into? Lord knows I do my best. I definitely did not vote for Bush, and I never miss my opportunity to elect my leaders. I get very frustrated that so many people believed in him to give him the presidency again. I hope I’m doing a good enough job raising my daughter to continue to carry the torch of peace and prosperity for all.


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