Decided not to pick up Phoebe's ice skates yesterday. It would've required me to leave work way too early. I'll find out if they are ready for Saturday morning, and we can pick them up before she needs to be at a birthday party in that area at 11:30 Saturday morning.

She did great at ice skating class, even with the rental skates. She was really tentative at first but after awhile she remembered what she knows. She had a hard time remembering how to do swizzles, but then after the practice time at the end she could do them with no problem and very smooth and fast. Her new teacher, Sarah, came over to say hi to me. That's the first time one of these teachers have ever done that, so I like her already. Not that I don't like the teachers, but they don't seem to take time to make small talk with the parents. It's a really small class this summer, so Phoebe should do well. There are five kids signed up, but only three (including Phoebe) came to class this week.

I'm having a great day at work today. Getting lots of stuff done and I'm working on a documenting our biggest process and I'm really enjoying it. Hopefully, I'll get a lot of stuff done at home tonight. Tom's in Virginia today, and I'm sure he'll be home late. I'm going to try to get some cleaning done and cleaning up some papers in the study. Need to get a bit more organized in there.


Mandy said…
how fun to get to take ice skating lessons! I wish they offered those for my ds in the summer.

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