Lots to Post

Lots to post about. We've been very busy and it's been interesting.

We finally picked up Phoebe's ice skates on Wednesday afternoon. It took awhile for the final fitting, screw the blades in their final resting place, sharpen blades, and get us out the door. Since by the time we left it was rush hour, I decided to take some back roads home instead of main routes. Unfortunately I haven't learned what roads on the way to our new house flood after 8 days straight of rain (at least), we couldn't get home easily. The one-lane covered bridge we usually use was closed as the Brandywine creek was wayyyyy high. So I turned a different way and figured I'd take Route 1 into Kennett. I'm thinking "It's Route 1, big road. It'll be fine." Wrong! It was closed. So I turn back into some different back roads, finally made it over the Brandywine Creek and then got stymied again with high water on the other side of the creek. I'm turning around with a few other people and start talking to two old guys at a vegetable stand in the middle of no where. First words out of them, "So you have an outboard motor on that Mercedes?" I said that would be nice. They asked if I knew how to get where I was going and I said I figured the only way was to go back into Delaware. They said if I just waited an hour the water would recede, but I said I really had to be somewhere and needed to get to Kennett Square. They saw Phoebe in the back seat, cute as can be of course, and this is what he said, "OK. Here's what you do... see that small puddle up ahead.... turn left there, go past the farmhouse, past the barn, and you'll end up at the other end of this big puddle you need to get around." I asked, "Isn't that someone's property?" He said, "Yup, mine." I pressed my hands together in a prayer fashion and thanked him profusely. That is the only way we were able to get home, by going through someone's farm.

We got to Phoebe's ice skating class that evening late because of our excessive detours to get home in the first place, but she was able to have practice time on her new skates. She fell pretty hard once and one of the teachers brought her off the ice. She was crying really hard and we put some ice on her knee. She broke open one of the scabs on her knee from a bad fall she had a few days ago on the driveway and it was bleeding again. I was trying to make her laugh about falling on her butt next time, but that mine has more padding than hers, but I got a little laugh and more crying. The teacher that helped her off the ice, showed us where some bandaids were if we wanted them. Phoebe asked me how I would get a bandaid on considering she had tights on. I told her we would go into the ladies room, take down her tights and then put the bandaid on. All of a sudden she stopped crying and said, "Let's put the bandaid on and I'll go skating again." What a trooper.

The last update I have time for right now is that I started treatments today to get rid of my varicose veins in my legs. I got them while I was pregnant and it always bothered me that I work out, stay in shape, but have these nasty looking things on the back of my right knee. I find myself looking at 18-year-old girls in their little shorts thinking, "Man I wish the back of my knees looked like that!" Hopefully after these bruises go down, I can stare at my own legs and be amazed too.


Brandywine creek is an awesome name for a creek!!

I had a friend that got treatment for vericose veins and they looked great afterwards - hope you get the same results.

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