I wish they would finish Phoebe's damn ice skates already! They are being customized and were supposed to be ready last Thursday. We went there and they said they weren't ready yet, so then the phone calls commenced. I won't even think of driving out that way until they are really ready. I called Friday, not ready yet. I called today (as they were closed Monday), not ready yet. They said they will be ready tomorrow, but that's when I needed them. She has her first ice skating class for this session tomorrow night at 6:30 PM. Tom will be out of town, so I need to go home to release the dog before we go to U of DE for her class. That means now I have to leave extra early in order to pick up her skates, drive home, take care of dog, feed kid, and drive to skating rink for class by 6:30. It takes a 1/2 hour to drive there from our house, so I have to leave a little before 6 PM. It'll take me 1/2 to take care of the dog and feed Phoebe dinner (and that's being optimistic), so I have to be home by 5:15 PM. It takes 40 minutes in rush hour to drive from the store that has the ice skates so we'll have to leave there by 4:30 PM. It'll be about 45 minutes to have her try these on and make sure they are fitted properly, so that's 3:45 that I'll have to be at the store to begin the fitting. It takes me 20 minutes to get there from her school so that's 3:15 to pick her up, and 15 minutes for me to get to her school from my office. So I have to leave work at 3 PM tomorrow instead of 4 PM. Aaacckkkk! I really wish they had them done last Thursday, or even today.

You know I will be calling them before I leave the office, because if I get there and they still aren't ready, I'll have a fit that I left work early for her to still rent skates tomorrow night. Let's all keep our fingers crossed!


Moo Moo said…
hope they (skates) are ready tomorrow!

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