Things are very wierd in JIML. I saw what I thought was a wild cat (the dangerous big kind) the other night when I was bringing the dog out. We ran back in pretty fast. The strange thing is that the next morning I was really questioning my senses the night before. I thought I saw an animal the size of our yellow lab running from the neighbors yard into part of our yard where the water basin is (we have 2 acres of land, pretty big, so it was still quite far away), but I could've swore it looked more like a large cat and I thought it roared at me! Although it sounded like a cross between a roar and a meow.

Now, let's preface this with that I've been very tired this week. I've been trying to get more sleep, but I'm still really tired. I've been like a walking zombie all week. I'm just tired all day. I rally every now and then, but in general it's sheer exhaustion. I think it's PMS. I need to get back on the Chinese herbs to make this PMS crap go away.

Another wierd thing happened this week. There have been symbols of hope for me actually getting pregnant. Go figure. First was this post from The Infertile Gourmet about spiders as fertility symbols. That night I was watering the new plants in the front of the house and there were spiders EVERYWHERE! The immediate next day, my mom calls and said she went to this fortune teller she goes to and she told her two things about me:
  1. I just finished a big chapter in my life. (Duh, I think that was buying and selling our primary residence.)
  2. I would get pregnant before Christmas this year (WHATTTT!!!!!!)

Now the day before this all started, I was thinking about looking at a new personal protocol of going back on the Chinese herbs, but then also including Pre-Seed and progesterone cream for next month. Maybe this means if I do these things I was thinking about they will work? If I wasn't researching these things, would these signs have showed up?

I'm very much looking forward to a non-weird weekend. Tom will not be in school this weekend, so we'll get to spend lots of quality time together. Can't wait!


emily said…
Exciting stuff!
kati said…
maybe the fortune teller really knows something, who knows? It's nice though to get a kernel of hope. I went to a "healer" (not sure how to call him otherwise) recently, and I'm still more hopeful now than I was before.
Mandy said…
It is nice to have hope, isn't it! I hope that all these signs are pointing towards a happy and healthy 9 months in your future. Wouldn't it be nice to close the door on infertility for a while (hopefully forever)?

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