Happy Belated Easter

Haven't posted in awhile. I kind of fell off the blogger wagon last week, as my daughter was off for Spring Break. She spent a few days with Tom's parents and then we did some family things. My diet was followed as best as possible, but I'm back with renewed spirit, especially since my appointment with the new TCM guy is on Thursday. I'm very interested to see what he thinks. I'll be bringing my new book with me, Healing the Whole Foods Way. Amazon doesn't have it in stock, but my health food store did. This book is as big as a bible, but it's very interesting and has lots of recipes at the end. I've read through quite a bit of it by now and it's really helped me learn a lot about why to stay away from dairy and limit meat products and why carbs are not a bad thing. Refined carbs are bad. Brown rice, barley, potatoes. They can all be in a healthy diet. It also explains why alcohol is not good for you. Still my weak spot when out with friends socializing. I'm working on it.


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