TCM Update

Went to the new TCM doctor yesterday. I really like him. I'm not on any herbs yet as he's going to take his time to research what is best. He did some acupuncture and we found that my Conception Meridian was blocked. We worked on that as well as my Liver and Spleen Qi deficiency which is what my primary diagnosis was. I was so glad I did this. With all the reading I've been doing I've been getting confused as to what my primary problems were and how to adjust my diet and exercise accordingly. But this diagnosis really covers the big issues of my erratic mood swings. I get so irritable one moment and weepy the next. Poor DH. I try not to show these mood swing issues, but in hiding them, it makes me feel worse sometimes. I'm going back in two weeks and we should have my herbs by then. Until then I need to make more time for the elliptical machine and yoga and to try not to multitask when I'm eating.

My cycle this month is all confused. I spotted a little yesterday, but then nothing materialized. FF says I should have my period by now and that I had ovulated already. I think it's wrong and that I ovulated later. I think the higher temps were either me coming down with a touch of the cold Phoebe had or me not getting the temp at the right time or stuff like that. So now I'm not sure where I am or when I should POAS. All I know is I won't be drinking anything alcoholic this weekend. Not that I should with my new TCM diagnosis.


Trace said…
Good luck with it all! I know some people pooh pooh the acupuncturist, but I thought it was very helpful. She was able to recommend food & lifestyle changes that made a major impact.
Bonsai said…
That's wondeful that you found a TCM doc. you like! How did you find him/her? Did you do any of this stuff with your 1st pg?

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