Productive Day from Nowhere

Can someone explain to me why the days that you want to be the most productive you end up feeling like you accomplished nothing, but a day that you have low expectations to be productive end up being amazingly so. I had accomplished a lot yesterday which was really wierd considering it was "Take Your Child to Work Day." Phoebe came to work with me for the morning and then DH met us for lunch and took her home for the afternoon. I got so much work done yesterday and stayed a little longer (it was about 5:30 PM when I left) so I could do a little more email cleanout. Then I got home and made dinner, moved laundry, brushed out the dog (labs shed like mad at this time of the year), put Frontline on the dog, cleaned up after dinner, fixed my timer with superglue that I hadn't had time to do for weeks now, called a friend to discuss my mac issues to get advice, and went through a few papers to make sure things weren't too late. I hope I have another productive day today.

Phoebe had a good time at my work, but we were busy the whole time. I took her to the cafeteria for breakfast. She had a pancake and a sausage link with syrup over everything. She ate at my desk while I made some calls and looked at my emails. Then she came to a staff meeting and sat for an hour there coloring and drawing. She got antsy about 5 minutes before it was over and nicely whispered in my ear "Will this be over soon?" I didn't have the heart to tell her we usually run over an hour, but then we got kicked out of the conference room. I worked on some more projects at my desk while she drew on my white board and was using post-it notes too for her artwork. By that time, DH had arrived and we went to Subway for lunch.


Lauren said…
I love days like that. They are low stress and productive.

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