Love My New Computer

I got a new computer this week, which is awesome considering I haven't had a new computer in over a decade. The computer I've been using was a hand-me-down from DH's work. It's ancient. Anyway, got a new Apple 17" screen notebook. It is the coolest thing ever! Only thing I'm trying to figure out is that if DH is working on his school laptop on the wireless network, my wireless network connection seems to get run over and I eventually can't work on the network anymore. I need to figure out how to fix that one. So I'm getting used to a whole new OS. I'm sure eventually it will be no big deal. Once I get used to all this, I'll probably move my blog to my .mac account so I can do more and prettier things with my blogging capabilities.

I went to see TCM guy on Tuesday. I'm loving it. I'm on herbs now for the coldness. He's trying to work on my Liver Qi stagnation mostly with acupuncture. I go back in two weeks. So we're doing what we can right now during "make the baby time." We'll see what happens in two and a half weeks.


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