Juice Fast Day

I decided to do a juice fast today. Funny thing is I decided after I left the house and had brought my lunch and stuff with me. I'll eat it tomorrow. I realized today was the perfect day to do this as AF just finished and I should try to clean out the works considering I've been in such a chocolate mood lately. It's all gone from the house now and good riddance!

I also just found a great new website today http://www.christinacooks.com. All healthy, whole-foods recipes. I really need to spend more time in that big loverly kitchen I have.

I have to go to Newark, DE this afternoon to pick up Tom's final paper and bring it to him up at Villanova, as it's due tomorrow. So I'll stop by my favorite juice bar in Newark this afternoon and pick up more wheatgrass juice and buy a large veggie juice (my favorite is called "Rainbow Magic") to hold me over until tomorrow. Other than veggie juice, I've had lots of water and herbal tea.


Trace said…
Christina Cooks is a show on PBS. If you have a Tivo, set it! She is VERY nutritious and talks about a lot of good topics! A lot of her recipes are time consuming though. Good luck!!

Trace, who tries to eat a whole food diet
Bonsai said…
I emailed you!

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