Weekend Update

Wow! What a beautiful weekend! An update on the juice fast though. I couldn't make it past dinner time. I had to have something as I was getting very cranky and weak and I had to drive up to Villanova to drop something off for DH, so I had some mung beans and rice. At least it was good for me.

Saturday, I cleaned the house and we had some friends and their kids come over for dinner and hang out. Dinner was great! Very summer inspired and it was all my creation. We had grilled chicken (from my grill pan, we need a new outside grill), baby greens salad with mandarin oranges, and an awesome black bean salad recipe I found. Everything was great, but the black bean salsa was a hit. When I showed the wife the recipe, she asked if it even had the pumpkin seeds in it and when I said yes, she was surprised. We played around with the karaoke machine. All Sunday I had Copacabana going through my head, as we were having fun goofing off with singing that.

Sunday, was such a beautiful day. We went to the mall and had some retail therapy: some new clothes for Phoebe, nail polishes for both of us, some Corona t-shirts for DH. Then we went to the Apple store. I so much want a new laptop. I think I'm in love!!! We are getting money back from taxes this year. I think we should spend some of it on a new laptop and I want it to be mostly mine, mine, mine! I've been working off this piece of junk for quite some time and I'm sick of it. We didn't even buy this one. It was a hand-me-down from DH's company when it went of the books. Then we went to Cosco to pick up a few things. We stopped at Wawa on the way home and picked up some hoagies for a picnic in our backyard for dinner. It was so nice sitting on an old quilt in our backyard. We were able to find out that the backyard doesn't get much sun in the evening, so our plans to put a patio out there will be great. In the hot days of summer, it will be nice and shady and the view of the woods behind us are wonderful. Then we all took the dog for a nice long walk. Phoebe's getting much better at taking long walks. Afterward, we surprised Phoebe by taking us all out for ice cream at this farm near our house. She lost her 7th tooth on the way home from the ice cream place! .... I'm back now. I just got reminded by typing this to do the tooth fairy thing, LOL! It's one of her side top teeth and she lost it when she took a bite out of the sugar cone from her ice cream. After we came home from ice cream, she got in the shower, washed her hair, and then I did her nails with the new nail polish. I did my nails too after she went to bed and then we watched a movie. It was The Break up with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. I didn't like it that much. I was starting to fall asleep and when I would wake up from dozing, I didn't feel like I lost that much. The ending seemed weird too.

Today, I'll be working from home. Taking Phoebe to the chiropractor's to see what her x-rays show as well as have my one-year anniversary checkup. Tomorrow I get to go back to TCM guy for acupuncture and I should be starting my herb formula with him tomorrow.


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