I never know what to title these posts. So no title. Lots of train of thought here.

To answer Bonsai's question, I found this TCM practicioner through one of the nurses at The Birth Center in Wilmington, DE. This particular nurse is also an herbologist, and I called to see if she could help me. She talked to me and discussed that if I really like TCM and want to continue that route that she knew of this guy who only takes clients right now that are referred to him from someone he knows, but that she'd be happy to refer me as it sounds like we'd be a great fit. I didn't do any of these things during any of the times I was trying to get pregnant. I've always been a stress-laden, Type-A, coffee-swilling, wine drinking gal. I started trying more holistic methods after going through years of inferility treatments (mostly OI/IUI and 2 rounds of IVF). And yes, I still didn't clean up my diet when I was going through the treatments, mostly because I felt if it worked once before (my six-year-old daughter), it would work again. Ha, ha, ha, goes the universe!

So the latest thing I've been working on is trying to relax more. I've realized how stressed out I've made myself over the past few years. I'm always worrying about something that I'm not doing or not doing right. I'm trying to change my way of thinking as well as get more organized. I've been reading Time Management from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern and trying to use the ideas to get my act together more, so I'm not always stressing about what I need to be doing or haven't done. I also started doing the imagery exercises on the CD from Julia Indichova's website in the morning and evening as she recommends. I do find it relaxing and helpful for my moods. I also started reading her new book, The Fertile Female. Now that my period will be over soon (yes it came on Sunday), I plan to get back to my yoga mat, hopefully daily to help keep the stress monster away.

I am so glad I'm doing all this, because I'm surrounded with pregnant women and I'm really able to try to be happy for them. I just got back from lunch with the only other woman in my department and she's five months pregnant. She had some complications in the beginning, so she's just telling people now. She's also just getting visible. I never noticed the past few times I saw her until today, but I knew that was the news she would be telling me anyway. I had some strange PG intuition going on. I'm actually very happy for her, even though it's their third child. She's a really cool lady.


Bonsai said…
Heather -

I'm trying to email you, but then it's asked for my "friend's" email address. Can you try to click my little email box & email me so I can respond? Or WTH am I doing wrong?
Anonymous said…
Heather, I know that it will be your time soon. I just know it. I think that it's just a matter of time. I agree that getting back on your mat will keep that stress monster away. Also, thanks for the link about the healthy cooking. I'm going to look further into it.


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