Baby Making Update

Still no luck. Aunt Flo showed up today and my temp dipped. Kind of sucks really. My temps were going up for the previous three days, so I bought a box of pregnancy tests yesterday evening. Tom even said this morning he thought we would've done the deed this month as we had lots of good "quality time" together. LOL

As I told TCM guy this week, I think we're onto something. At least my crazy feelings all month are gone. Although I'll have to tell him they've been replaced by anger PMS. The past few days, I've been quite short in my dealing with difficult situations. My lower back has been a little achy the past 24 hours and I've been a little crampy. I'm going to continue working with him and my annual GYN appt is on the 24th. I'll be asking her to set me up for an HSG test in June. Want to make sure the pipes aren't clogged up.

This afternoon, Phoebe's school is having a Mother's Day tea and they are putting on a play for us. She's supposed to be a flower and she told me they made costumes. I'll have the camera with me and now that I can load them up to blogger easy, I'll post the pics in the next day or two.

After school, she's going to her grandparents for the night, as Tom and I are going to a dinner and dancing event for his EMBA class graduation. It's at some country club on the Main Line of Philly. Tomorrow we're going to King of Prussia Mall to do some shopping for a dress for me to wear to graduation. Then I'd like to go to South Street and get my nose pierced on our way to South Jersey to pick up Phoebe. I'm excited to have a good weekend and get lots of stuff done. We even took the dog to the kennel behind our house, so we can get a room tonight up at Villanova and start the day from there.


Anonymous said…
Has your husband tried boxer shorts? I'm serious as a heart attack. Child number 1 was immediate; we worked off and on for two years for number 2 until we heard about boxer shorts. Got pregnant in a couple of months.

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