Now the Network's Cooking with Gas!

So ever since I got my loverly new Apple laptop I've been having problems with it's wireless network connection on our old network. At first I thought it was just when DH's school laptop was on, but this morning when he was at school, I still got kicked off the network twice! I decided the best thing to do was get the Airport Extreme network. It's awesome! I can be in our bedroom and still have all the bars on the network indicator! It's zippy everywhere in the house. I bet it even works great on the deck! I'll try that over the next few days.

Phoebe also lost another tooth this afternoon. That makes 8 baby teeth she's lost before her 7th birthday (in October). I realized I haven't been talking about her that much lately, but she is such a trip. I've had to crack down on her manners though. Can't stand children that interrupt other people's conversations. She's spent some time on her bed lately. I was teaching her tonight how to get in the shower by herself, so she can be more self sufficient in the evenings.

We're going to Point to Point tomorrow, which is a big horse racing event in Wilmington, DE. It'll be the three of us and DH's sister. I'm hoping to take some pictures that I can post.


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