Work/Life Kicking My Butt

Sorry I've been absent lately. Both work and home have been busy for the past two weeks. I think I'm getting things back in order now. Phoebe's taking a shower right now, so I figured I'd take a moment to blog.

Tom graduated with his EMBA on Saturday, which was really nice. It's nice now to know that I can rely on him for a bit to get some things done around the house. He made a phone call today to get a quote for a sprinkler system and made chicken parm for dinner tonight. I could get used to having him available for stuff.


Trace said…
I remember when my hubby was getting his masters...4 looong years... I was so RELIEVED when it ended!!!

Your husband is back!
cat said…
*hugs* congrats to hubby yah that he will be back in action at the homestead.

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