Have Been Gone a Long Time

Not that I've gone on vacation or anything. We've just been really busy. I have a ton of things to post about and some pics to post too. I'm blogging from work (shhh!), right now, so I'll have to catch up on the pics later.

AF showed up yesterday, so I have my HSG test scheduled for next Thursday the 14th. I'm still seeing my acupuncturist and I feel things are going well, except for that this month I started spotting 3-4 days before getting AF. However, I know I was drinking coffee again last month and had a thoroughly enjoyed the music festival at the vineyard (and the wine too!). I must admit that I took an HPT before going to the vineyard.

We got a juicer yesterday and I'm really enjoying it. Made a glass of celery, kale, cucumber and apple last night for dessert (LOL!) and for breakfast this morning it was carrot, kale, beet, parsely and apple. I'm doing a minor juice fast today. Haven't done one in awhile. At lunchtime I walked down to the Riverfront Market and bought a juice from the veggie stand there. It was carrot, ginger and apple. I say minor, as I did have two dates at my desk to help with my blood sugar level. Last time I tried to do this I had a horrible headache by the end of the day from the blood sugar issues.

Other than that I'm feeling energized. I was feeling kind of blah after DH graduated school. Needed to veg out a lot. Now there's lots of things I want to get done and I feel a bit unstoppable. Yesterday, I got the kitchen straightened up nice and neat, actually got ready for the next day the night before, which I haven't done in awhile. Also worked out this morning on the elliptical machine. I've been pretty bad about that lately as well. Tonight I want us to get to Direct Buy and order some stuff we've been wanting and keep putting off. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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