Been Busy with Bridget Jones Fan Fiction

Sorry I haven't been around. Things have been busy around here with painting walls, working and such. What free time I've had has been spent enjoying the Bridget Jones fan fiction found at SFaith's LiveJournal site . She posts on but there is a lot of stories on her livejournal site that weren't posted. She is an awesome writer of BJD fan fic. I get totally lost in it.

OK. I can't understand where all the other icons on my toolbar went for writing posts on blogger? I have spell check and insert a picture. All the other formatting and creating links are gone! That's why I didn't create a link to sfaith's website. I can't seem to do it. Another reason to push me to doing more with my mac and posting my blog elsewhere. If I ever do, I'll leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind.

We have our 8-year-old nephew until later this afternoon. Him and Phoebe had a two night sleepover. We took them out to dinner last night and it was so funny. The faces they made and how Phoebe hung all over her Jake.


Interesting article, added his blog to Favorites

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