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Really Busy - Democrat Debate Update

Things have been really busy. Both work and home life are just totally swamped. I'm working hard to keep up, so I haven't been online a lot lately. It's sad to say, but I've been neglecting my blog reading lately. Maybe I'll have time to catch up today.

I sort of used the menu plan last week. It did help to have a guideline, but I did deviate here and there. I'll get better at this though. I'll post one for next week, as this week we're flying by the seat of our pants.

I have two items on the Democratic Debate last night. First of all it was in the Main Building Auditorium at Drexel University last night. This was the college DH and I went to, but that is also the building that we first talked to each other and started seeing each other from that moment on. Pretty cool to think that all these presidential hopefuls walked past the stone bench that DH and I talked at when we were starting to fall for each other.

The other update, is that I'm sta…

Menu Monday

I found a new blog through Trace. The new blog is Organizing Junkie. I'm going to participate in her Menu Monday (I'm also stealing her menu for Tuesday - sounds great!). Here's my menu for our house this week:

Monday - Stuffed Red Peppers (ground beef and rice with tomato sauce), crusty bread
Tuesday - Slow Cooked Thai Chicken, brocolli and rice
Wednesday - Sausage, roma bean and hominy soup (DH made on Sunday) and grilled cheese
Thursday - Fajitas, black beans and rice
Friday - Homemade sausage pizza

Happy Anniversary

Thirteen years ago, my sweetie and I stood before our friends and family and pledged to love and support each other forever. It seems like it was only yesterday, but here we are ages later and I still give him my devilish look - apparently I did so yesterday, I was told. He still deserves and warrants me chasing him around the house - but I think he lets me catch him, I wonder why?

Happy Anniversary and may we have many, many more!!!!

Phoebe Birthday Party Pics

I never got around to posting the pics from Phoebe's birthday party that was on the 7th. We had it at home as she wanted to have a pinata. One of the pics shows the pinata she chose. Everything in the party had a pink theme. No special characters or anything, just everything pink!

My favorite pic from the day is the last one with her BFF, Lexie. You gotta love the tiara. It was supposed to be put on the cake, but when we picked it up from the store, she opened the tiara, put it on her head and it stayed there all day. It was funny watching her play around in the yard at the end of the party with her friends. She's playing soccer, touch football, frisbee - all with a tiara on her head!!! That's my girl!


So AF showed up today, right on time, which is the first time in a long time that happened. I'm usually several days early. I think I'm going to go back to taking my temps to see what's going on with my cycle and how my current treatment is doing.

I didn't expect to get pregnant this month. I had a nasty yeast infection when I was ovulating this month, and you do need to have sex to get pregnant when not under the care of a RE, LOL!

I think we might get serious over the next few months to really try hard and see what happens. After that, I am trying to decide if we go back to the doctor or if we start pursuing adoption. I'm really not sure which way to go. We'll see.

Phoebe's Birthday and Farm Market Visit

On Saturday, my little girl turned seven years old!!! I'm too young to ave a first grader... Right? Anyway, we took some pictures of her on the front porch (you can see some of my mums!) and then to get ready for her party on Sunday, we went to the local Farm Market (Glen Willow Orchard) and bought some small pumpkins and had the kids decorate them for a craft during the party. They had some really neat hay sculptures at the Farm Market. We had to break out the camera and take a lot of pics of them.

Reorg at Work and Stress Relief Planting Mums

We had a huge reorganization announcement at work yesterday. It did impact me and my department hugely. I'm feeling a bit better about it today, but yesterday I was feeling lots of confusion. I still have the same direct manager but he has a new boss. Today it sounds like it's going to be a good positive for us, but yesterday I was so not sure.

So I went home, got the munchkin off the bus into DH's SUV and we went to the nearby local produce farm and bought nine mums to plant in the front yard to make things look nice for Phoebe's birthday party on Sunday. The price was definately right. They were selling them 3 for $13 and they are huge! I need to finish planting them tonight as the light was starting to fade and we had to go in and eat dinner. I meant to plant mums over the past weekend, but we just got so busy, I never got around to it. After dinner last night, I also pulled out all our Halloween decorations, so we look really festive inside as well as outsi…

Got my Passport

Why is it that when things are crazy and hectic, I just seem to want them to be over? I really need to learn to enjoy what's going on when it's hectic as well as when it's quiet. Especially as the hectic times are the times that are the most fun.

Phoebe's birthday is this weekend and we're having a party for her and her friends from school and the neighborhood. Add that to the trip DH and I have the following weekend to Canada - Niagra Falls and possibly Toronto. Then comes Halloween, my DD's favorite holiday - I must admit, I enjoy it a lot too! We're in for some pretty fun times over the next few weeks. I was really excited when I got my passport in the mail yesterday. That was pretty fast. I had it expedited and I got it in a week and a day. Wow!

So the other thing that I've been thinking about lately is that with Phoebe turning seven, should I just give up the thought of having another biological baby? I mean, we've been trying since sh…