Menu Monday

I found a new blog through Trace. The new blog is Organizing Junkie. I'm going to participate in her Menu Monday (I'm also stealing her menu for Tuesday - sounds great!). Here's my menu for our house this week:

Monday - Stuffed Red Peppers (ground beef and rice with tomato sauce), crusty bread
Tuesday - Slow Cooked Thai Chicken, brocolli and rice
Wednesday - Sausage, roma bean and hominy soup (DH made on Sunday) and grilled cheese
Thursday - Fajitas, black beans and rice
Friday - Homemade sausage pizza


Trace said…
I really like that blog too and I like the recipe you listed. As you know I love my crockpot! I have such a hard time meal planning. I always want to do it, but have a hard time following through.
Trace said…
Well, how is it going? Are you sticking w/your meal plan? I haven't even planned one this week and luckily we have a number of 'pantry staples' so it's been fine. I love the flash frozen chicken breasts that are each in separate ziploc type containers. Even hormone free ones (my little obsession w/meat and milk).

And, how is the monthly cycle going? Lot and lots of nookie happening at the right time?
Kirsten said…
I'm gonna check out that site but also wanted to wish you a belated Happy Anniversary!! 13 years is something to be very proud of!!!
Crystal said…
Oooh, that sounds good! I actually made fajitas last night. Keep us posted on how it's going.

Happy Belated Anniversary!

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