So AF showed up today, right on time, which is the first time in a long time that happened. I'm usually several days early. I think I'm going to go back to taking my temps to see what's going on with my cycle and how my current treatment is doing.

I didn't expect to get pregnant this month. I had a nasty yeast infection when I was ovulating this month, and you do need to have sex to get pregnant when not under the care of a RE, LOL!

I think we might get serious over the next few months to really try hard and see what happens. After that, I am trying to decide if we go back to the doctor or if we start pursuing adoption. I'm really not sure which way to go. We'll see.


Trace said…
Congrats on timely period! It's so hard to make those decisions. You know I go back and forth. I keep thinking, I'm 33, that's "young". Are you still considering adoption from Columbia? How does you husband feel about that? I know whenever I mention international adoption my husband is not interested. If we had started w/Guatemalan adoption we would have a baby now.

It's funny you mention the sex thing. My husband has been initiating since I had the insemination. I think he's hoping that he has something-anything. Kind of sad.
dmarie said…
Ughh--yeast infections make me so angry. Especially when they screw up ttc!

Temping made me nuts, but some people are really successful with it. I hope it gives you some answers.

Your daughter is beautiful btw :)
Jessica said…
Heather! You sre so sweet and kind. I really appreciated your support you left this morning on ym blog; Especially with the struggle you are going through right now. You must be the most sincere gal ever, to offer up such comforting words. I really appreciate you! : )
Anonymous said…
Expected or not, CD1 sucks.
Beth said…
Srry to hear CD1 came for you. I remembered that you had a yeast infection but I still had hope for you. My fingers are crossed this month!!!!
Kirsten said…
I think this CD 1 is a fresh beginning for you, especially since you had the nice surprise of a timely period...that is very important, after all!! How make me want to start temping again just for the heck of it...I miss my handy dandy thermometer!!
Kristen said…
I'm sorry AF arrived this month. And I'm sorry about the nasty YI. Those are the worst!

I wish you the best of luck next cycle. XOXO

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