Really Busy - Democrat Debate Update

Things have been really busy. Both work and home life are just totally swamped. I'm working hard to keep up, so I haven't been online a lot lately. It's sad to say, but I've been neglecting my blog reading lately. Maybe I'll have time to catch up today.

I sort of used the menu plan last week. It did help to have a guideline, but I did deviate here and there. I'll get better at this though. I'll post one for next week, as this week we're flying by the seat of our pants.

I have two items on the Democratic Debate last night. First of all it was in the Main Building Auditorium at Drexel University last night. This was the college DH and I went to, but that is also the building that we first talked to each other and started seeing each other from that moment on. Pretty cool to think that all these presidential hopefuls walked past the stone bench that DH and I talked at when we were starting to fall for each other.

The other update, is that I'm starting to like Hilary Clinton more than ever. I'm trying really hard not to base my decision on "It would be cool to have a woman president." I'm very big on that women are great for jobs, but only if they are qualified. Which probably makes me harder on a woman than I would be a man. I was very impressed with how she held her own last night. I also think that she is the most qualified experience-wise. I think she is also good at dealing with gray areas, not forcing things to be black or white and she tries to think things out at all angles and not just along party lines. That's what I'm really looking for in a presidential candidate. I'm traditionally a Democratic party voter, but I know I am a bit more conservative when it comes to taxes. I'm looking forward to hearing the candidates speak some more, but I am leaning toward Hilary for the first time. It was also really cool to see Joe Biden up there and hear him speak. We lived in DE for a long time and I still work in DE. His office is somewhere near mine.


Rumour Miller said…
I'm Canadian and not following completely the presidential campaign, but I've always enjoyed the Clintons.

Thanks for stopping by blog, come again soon!

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