Phoebe's Birthday and Farm Market Visit

On Saturday, my little girl turned seven years old!!! I'm too young to ave a first grader... Right? Anyway, we took some pictures of her on the front porch (you can see some of my mums!) and then to get ready for her party on Sunday, we went to the local Farm Market (Glen Willow Orchard) and bought some small pumpkins and had the kids decorate them for a craft during the party. They had some really neat hay sculptures at the Farm Market. We had to break out the camera and take a lot of pics of them.


Trace said…
What a pretty little girl you have! Have you ever been to Linvilla Orchard in Media? They have a corn maize, pumpkin land, a petting zoo, and various festivals. It's a great kid place. Your mums are nice too! We haven't done any holiday decorating. Maybe pumpkin carving next week?

You mentioned getting together? Let me know your schedule (
Kirsten said…
She is beautiful!! And I love the pictures with all the hints of fall in the background. I can't wait til my girls are old enough to enjoy all the fall festivities! Sounds like you guys have lots of fun :)
Monica said…
That looks like so much fun! And, your daugther seems to be having a wonderful birthday!
Loren said…
Could she BE more gorgeous?! And I hope you find just a bit of comfort in your predictable cycle this month- that's part of the battle!

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