Got my Passport

Why is it that when things are crazy and hectic, I just seem to want them to be over? I really need to learn to enjoy what's going on when it's hectic as well as when it's quiet. Especially as the hectic times are the times that are the most fun.

Phoebe's birthday is this weekend and we're having a party for her and her friends from school and the neighborhood. Add that to the trip DH and I have the following weekend to Canada - Niagra Falls and possibly Toronto. Then comes Halloween, my DD's favorite holiday - I must admit, I enjoy it a lot too! We're in for some pretty fun times over the next few weeks. I was really excited when I got my passport in the mail yesterday. That was pretty fast. I had it expedited and I got it in a week and a day. Wow!

So the other thing that I've been thinking about lately is that with Phoebe turning seven, should I just give up the thought of having another biological baby? I mean, we've been trying since she was born. You'd think I'd give up by now. But I'm ever the optimist and I'm often reminded of one of my favorite lines from the Will Smith movie "Hitch" - "Do you know the definition of "perseverance," Miss Melas?
Continuing in a course of action...without regard to discouragement, opposition or previous failure. Yes, I continue to persevere.


Alli said…
I love the definition. The frustration is such a downer - we started trying when Little was one. It's hard to give up - especially when you have done it before. You think, well, I know it's possible!
Anonymous said…
I guess you are the only one who can answer that, but I find your positive attitude quite amazing. I am always working on improving that trait within myself.
dmarie said…
Wow--you have got a lot coming up! The party alone sounds like a big project. When I think about giving up, the fact that I have to think about it lets me know I'm not ready to give up yet.

Good luck with everything!
Fertilize Me said…
good lesson .. the whole hectic ... wanting it to be over thing. Good advice. I looked forward to IUI#2 .. now Im all confused. Thanks for stoping by and sending my brain some good thoughts

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