Phoebe Birthday Party Pics

I never got around to posting the pics from Phoebe's birthday party that was on the 7th. We had it at home as she wanted to have a pinata. One of the pics shows the pinata she chose. Everything in the party had a pink theme. No special characters or anything, just everything pink!

My favorite pic from the day is the last one with her BFF, Lexie. You gotta love the tiara. It was supposed to be put on the cake, but when we picked it up from the store, she opened the tiara, put it on her head and it stayed there all day. It was funny watching her play around in the yard at the end of the party with her friends. She's playing soccer, touch football, frisbee - all with a tiara on her head!!! That's my girl!


Trace said…
It looks like she had a great time!!!

I was bottling hard cider on Sunday!
Anonymous said…
She is beautiful!
Debbie said…
She is absolutely gorgeous and I love the pink theme.

I'm sorry I have been MIA. I'm glad you are still hanging in there.

Beth said…
It looks like the party was a lot of fun!! Phoebe is absolutely precious in that crown.
Marcia Francois said…
oh my word, this is 7 years ago and look how tiny she was - super sweet!

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