PG - 17 Weeks 1 Day - Meme Galore

Hi all! I'm going to try to get better and post every day. I genuinely have something I could post every day, but getting the energy to do it is another matter. With all the stuff going on at work and trying to get stuff done at home, I'm so busy!!!

Anyway, my online friend Martha at A Sense of Humor is Essential (is that a great name for a blog or what?) has given me several memes at one shot. I'm up to the challenge today to tackle these. I'm going to be boring and not tag anyone to keep these going. I'll use my pregnancy as a cop out, LOL.

First the picture - 6th folder, 6th picture. Here's what I found:

This picture is from February 2008 when we went to Disney. On the flight back, the airline staff did the cool thing of letting Phoebe into the cockpit to meet the pilot and sit in the co-pilot's seat. How cool was that???!!! I didn't think they did that stuff anymore since all the issues with airport security. That said, I don't mind posting this as I have no idea what kind of plane we were flying on so a picture that may show what it looks like in the cockpit should be meaningless.

On to the next meme/award. The Honest Scrap Award

I'm supposed to list 10 honest things about myself:

1. I developed a stuttering problem when I was in fourth grade and went through a few years of speech therapy in school. Now when I talk, some people think I am acting because it sounds like I'm thinking very hard about what I'm saying. Truth is I have to, so I don't fall all over my words.

2. I have really good night vision.

3. My daughter got her name from the TV show Charmed. It's Alyssa Milano's character.

Four. I've given my DH the moniker Leo here on my blog as he was one of the male characters on the show and because it's his zodiac sign.

5. The four key on my laptop is still broken when I trusted Leo to take Phoebe and my laptop to one of his work locations (other than the study in our house). Phoebe spilled her drink that he let her have on the desk and it messed up the laptop. Everything came back but the four key.

6. I'm a total geek. I have a BS in electrical engineering. I loved school growing up and I adore math and science.

7. I still love to play with Legos. I used to love babysitting for kids that had Legos when I grew up so I could play with them. Phoebe won an award with her team in a Junior Lego League competition last year. I've passed on the love to her. We went to the huge Lego store at the King of Prussia mall and they had a wall of bins of spare parts for your Lego collection. I told her I think this was probably in one of my dreams growing up to see something like this.

8. I love to clean my house. I feel like everything is under control when the cleaning is done and I love control!!!

9. I love to cook, but I'm not as good at it as Leo. He makes the most amazing food. It's one of the reasons I married him. And he's been cooking for me a lot since I got pregnant. I love him and his food!!!!

10. I'm getting stumped on what to write for this last one. Ooooh! I'll go with I was not popular in high school and I found out during my last year that I had a horrible reputation. Funny thing is I never "went all the way" with anyone until college. All the guys I dated in high school said I did though.

The last meme/award is the Lemonade Stand Award

I'm supposed to list 10 quirks (or guilty pleasures) about me. That's pretty easy, I'm full of quirks and guilty pleasures.

1. I don't like odd numbers. The only one I'm OK with is three. I like everyone in our house being born on an even numbered day.

2. I love watching Gossip Girl. I'm so disappointed it's been a rerun for the past two weeks. Chuck Bass is yummy!

3. I also seem to love other TV shows that the target audience is teenagers: Smallville and Charmed in particular.

Four. I don't like sitting with my back to a door. I even do it unconsciously by now. This is true for anywhere: conference rooms, rooms in our house, restaurants, etc.

5. I love vampire stories/movies/etc - I've been reading the Sookie Stackhouse books. I watched the first season of TrueBlood. I read all the Twilight books in two weeks and love the first movie. I'm planning on going to a premiere party for the second movie. I love Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

6. I love Jane Austen books especially Pride and Predjudice. Read it pretty much once a year.

7. I love all things Bridget Jones. The books, the movies, the fan fiction.

8. I'm self-conscious about the scar above my left eye from the car accident I had with the deer running into the side of my car two years ago. I notice it and usually wear my part on the opposite side of my head in order to hide that part of my forehead with my hair. I still can't feel part of my head from the nerve damage too.

9. I love writing lists and crossing the tasks off as I go along. Very satisfying.

10. I'm an extrovert according to the Myers-Briggs classifications, but even with that I'm a borderline introvert. I work with people all day and sometimes my social life suffers because I'm so tired mentally from the human interaction I've already had all day.

Well I have to run. This took me a long time to do and I have to run my daughter to activities now.


Martha said…
Great Lists! Thank you for playing along. The odd numbers dislike totally cracked me up! Great picture of Phoebe, thanks for sharing all the beauty of Heather's World.
Michelle Smiles said…
I have a guilty love of Charmed - at least before it jumped the shark and started having themed leprechaun and Valkyrie episodes and things. But before that I loved it. I still watch the reruns in the afternoon on occasion.
Mimi said…
I'm still in shock about how far along you are already!!! Amazing!

Ellen K. said…
DH and I are also big Gossip Girl fans. Love Chuck Bass esp.
Rumour Miller said…
Apparently there was a Piper on charmed as well... a fact I did not know until we told our family her name.

My sister was a fan of the show.

Great lists!
Crystal said…
I've been living under a rock for a while now and struggling with just getting online, but I'm back in the swing of things, and I just read through your blog and I want to say congratulations and I'm thinking the best of thoughts about you. I will pick up my reading now that things are settling down with the two under two set around here. Much love...
Are you a fan of Dark-Hunters as well?

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