Great Weekend!

Had a very busy weekend. More busy than most. Phoebe had two shows on Friday and two shows on Saturday. She had some cousins sleep over Saturday night as they came to see one of her shows. And then we had the boys' baptism on Sunday during noon mass. I have to admit the whole weekend when I look on it was surreal. Just unbelievable to think we now have three wonderful, healthy, happy children. When I think of eleven years ago having an anxiety attack coming home from visiting a new nephew and we had no children or pregnancy to speak of yet. We had been married for four years at that point and wanted children so desparately. Then even after having Phoebe, going through almost 9 years of not knowing we'd have any more children. And here I was holding Liam while he was baptized in the church while my husband had just held Tommy through his! I almost cried during that moment.

I always swear that it's the odd moments that hit me and make me emotional. Never the ones you think of. I was happy when the boys were born, but still so nervous about them growing and getting out of the hospital, I didn't have time to get emotional. I had to be in "get it done" mode. But then in that moment of standing in front of the baptismal font with my husband standing next to me, us holding our two wonderful boys and our beautiful daughter standing across from us with her camera taking our picture, I almost broke down and cried with happiness. For so long I never thought we would achieve that moment. But I made sure I composed myself and didn't cry. I didn't want to look cr@ppy in the pictures!

I have pictures of Phoebe in her Chinese dress and full theater makeup and the boys in their white suits on the camera, but I haven't had time to download them yet. i promise to share them all soon!


Leigh said…
I know exactly what you mean. I'm trawling through LauraC's archives - 1/2 month every day at lunch and today I read when her boys were about 20 months old and she said - this is what i dreamed of, looking through the kitchen window and seeing her hubby playing with the boys.

I TEARED UP - it's those moments that get me too. Like when D comes home, Connor is usually with me (we talk to each other and he plays with my face). The minute he catches sight of D he beams this big beautiful smile - oh it's so precious!
On My Mind 24/7 said…
Yes, those moments are precious. Going through infertility and then coming out successful on the other side is a journey that makes you a totally different person. You really appreciate the miracle of life, of your family. I still am in awe of my baby every day, and can't believe that this is all real. No matter how many times I pinch myself though, I never wake up. And the dream just gets better with each day we are given.
Soralis said…
Sounds like an amazing weekend!

My boys 4 and I still have those wonderful moments.. this weekend mine was just watching the kids play with a rubber ball in the yard. Infertility SUCKED but I wonder if I would have really 'soaked' in as many wonderful moments without going through all that crap?

Enjoy your family they sound amazing!
Lynda said…
I can imagine how amazing it must feel to finally have your whole family. I feel blessed to be a Mum of one despite NOT having a happy ending as such with SIF. I had my daughter before things went pear-shaped with my body and I am amazed and grateful often that I am a Mummy. I'm glad all is well your end - and the boys are growing up fast!!
Piccinigirl said…
that sounds like a PERFECT weekend. :)
I did cry at our boys baptism. I cried a lot those first few months and today I cry when they say words I had no idea they knew..or when they come in and say "hey Mommy" to me. I am so grateful for the miracle they are..just like you.
Martha said…
So beautiful, thank you for sharing the love and joy of your delightful family. May God/dess Bless and Keep you Always. ((HUGS))
Lauren said…
I know I have told you before about my sister and her infertility problems so I can't wait for the day she is saying the same things you are. We just found out she is pregnant (after invitro) with twins. She is only 2 months and having a few (hopefully minor) issues but we are so hopeful she will have 2 little healthy babies by Christmas.

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