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Thank you so much for the advice on the stroller. I think we're going to go with the Maclaren Twin Techno, which was an option I didn't notice we had yet, as I was just looking at the Twin Triumph. I did look at all the other ones people mentioned, but I want a side by side that can still go through doors and folds up easily and as small as possible for storing while at restaurants.

We had a great weekend visiting my family about 3 hours north of where we live. We visited my grandmother at her place and then my grandfather who has Alzheimer's at his nursing home. Phoebe amazed me with how wonderful she was with him, making funny smiling faces at him as he's very hard of hearing. He smiled a lot and it really seemed to perk him up. He only knew my mother when we first got there, but by the end of the visit he remembered us all and even commented that Phoebe must be in 2nd grade now. He was close, she's in 3rd grade.

The boys had a great time. Tommy explored the floor of my mother's place as much as he could. Chasing her cat by crawling across the room. Liam was doing great moving more and rolling over on his own more often. He wasn't rolling a lot yet, but he was doing it much more frequently. We're now pursuing having Liam seen by the physical therapist weekly instead of every other week, and I hope that paperwork goes through soon. I think he could use the encouragement.

Here's a cute pic that I haven't posted yet. It's of Tommy kissing Liam, but then you realize in the next pic I took that he was licking him. I love Liam's faces in these pics as they go from smiling to "What???!!!"


Leigh said…
They are just gorgeous Heather. I do love that face!!!

HEY! What's that?!
Rebecca said…
In that last picture, Tommy looks like he tasted something bad...they are so cute!

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