Tommy Has Reflux

Believe it or not all the copious amounts of spit-up from our 9-month-old really was a problem. I broke down and took him to the pediatrician today after his physical therapy appointment that I swore we thought he needed an exorcism. I finally started piecing things together over the past few days: the arching of his back, preferring to sleep on his stomach, spitting up large amounts at any time of day (it could be hours after meals), the spit up smelled really sour and being very mad when his bottles or food was over. We really just thought this was something he'd outgrow, and I didn't want to overreact knowing that he seemed happy and like nothing was wrong and some babies just spit-up, right?

But the physical therapist confirmed what I'd been thinking. That at 9 months this should have been gone by now. I called the pediatrician and they had us come in this afternoon and after meeting with the doctor, she confirmed that he seems to have reflux and she put him on Zantac once a day and said let's monitor it after a month on it. She also recommended putting rice or oatmeal cereal in his soy formula. We did for his afternoon bottle and gave him his first dose of medicine and so far so good. There's still been some spit up, but not as much as usual. Let's see how tomorrow is. I'm so glad we have answers. This just may save my washing machine!!!!


Wow! I had no idea this could be diagnosed at 9 months. I thought, too, for sure spit-up would be totally over at this point, but at 8 months we still get it a couple times a day over here usually.

Hope things start to improve soon!
Leigh said…
LOL at washing machine. I swear you and Saffy (from NZ) need medals - I can't deal with mess and LAUNDRY (my worst chore anyway).

Poor Tommy - I'm sure the meds will do the trick :)
Two Kayaks said…
Pea sounds so much like Tommy. He will not sleep in any other position other than his tummy, he's an archer and he spits up after meals. We have some zantac for him, but it doesn't seem to help. I wish I could make it better for him.
Good luck with the new routine!
Carrie Ann said…
A baby we know needed zantac at 4 months - it was a relief to diagnose after the hospital visits and tests. Hopefully this will make Tommy feel better - that's so hard when something bugs them and they can't tell you what hurts! Fingers crossed for you !
Mermaid said…
Reflux is terrible - both my babies have it still, even with meds, there are still some struggles. Glad Tommy is on his way to better! As if you didn't have enough to worry about, I will add that Grace had to be changed from Prilosec to Prevacid because the formulation (made with sodium bicarb) made her throwing up worse.
Martha said…
I am so glad Tommy is responding well to the Zantac and thickened feeds. You all must be so much happier.

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