More Exercise and Seeing Blog Buddy!

Yesterday was another good day of accomplishment. I got my car repaired, inspected and registration renewed. All while I was at work. I love my car dealer!!! I also did another 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and the Gentle Hatha Flow #2 from I have to say I really liked that one.

Today, I have more to get caught up on tackling both my work and personal To-Do Lists. Phoebe has ice skating tonight and Niki has curling, so I'll be taking the babes with me to ice skating. I know we'll get back pretty late for me to fully work out, so I think if I at least do a yoga practice when we get back, I'll be happy.

I also need to get my bills done today as we had a great surprise on Sunday when I was about to start. My fellow blogger, Merlot, that doesn't live that far from us happened to be at the vineyard around the corner from us and did we want to stop by? The boys were down for a nap and Niki didn't mind keeping an eye on them and Phoebe, so I jumped at the chance! We had a great time. They really are such lovely people and I got to meet LG for the first time!!!! She is even cuter in person than the pictures on the blog. Thank you, Merlot for calling! We should do that again soon. Or I could make my husband cook for you guys.


Martha said…
That sounds like a great day, that is so wonderful you met up w/Merlot.
Anonymous said…
Aw shucks :-).
Mike Hussey said…
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