I've been really really tired this week. I think I need to start drinking a cup of nettle tea again to make sure it's not low iron. Because of that, I've been losing things. I lost my car keys yesterday, wedding ring last week, and now I can't find the thing to get the pics of Phoebe's camera. So I'll entertain you with pics from our camera of Phoebe from her show. Check out all the stage makeup! They had to wear foundation and powder that was one shade darker than her skin tone to make sure they didn't look pale onstage, so if you see that it's not matching her neck, that is why.

She had a great time with the show, but it was tiring! No more plays until this July's summer camp when they will do Disney's Aladin. I'm trying to get her encouraged enough to audition for one of the more prominent parts (doesn't have to be a lead). She is just so funny and I wish she'd feel confident enough to share it with others. This show was Disney's Mulan and she did her version of Mushu for us at home and it was hysterical!


Leigh said…
Heather, she is so beautiful! Looks like she had fun.

BTW, sorry you're so tired - you know how we're the same all the time??? Well, yesterday I was just the same - I actually VEGGED in front of the TV for about 2 hours! And then went to sleep after starting a book.

This is the new-improved, relaxed me :)
Heather said…
She looks so grown up!!

Hope you get some rest soon.
Anonymous said…
Were you startled to see how she morphed from having the face of a funny kid to having the face of a young lady? Gorgeous girl (with or without stage makeup)
On My Mind 24/7 said…
She's beautiful!

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