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9 Month Check Stats and Hamming it Up for the Camera

I have lots to update everyone on. The boys had their 9 month check last Thursday and their stats were as follows:

Tommy: 29 inches long (73.7 cm), 19 lbs 12 oz (8.96 kg)
Liam: 28 inches (71.7 cm), 16 lbs 12 oz (7.6 kg)

So now that Tommy is spitting up less, he's back to being 3 lbs more than Liam. The doctor did say to encourage Liam to eat more. She wasn't acting like it was a big deal, but she did say that he's in the 5% for weight for his age! She also recommended a neurologist consult and a hip xray for Liam as a precaution that he's not as interested in moving as his brother is. We'll definitely do it, but I'm thinking that he just needs the light switch to go off in his head telling him it's time to move. Which seems to be true because all of a sudden last night, he wants to roll to his stomach when I'm changing his poopy diaper on the floor. He kept fighting me like Tommy does. Once I got his bottom cleaned, I let him finish his roll and we all clapped. He looked at us like "What! I could do this all along. It was a personal choice not to."

The weather is getting nicer around here. Spring is in the air! It's gotten into the 60s for the past few afternoons and today it's supposed to hit the 70s! We love it and we've started taking walks in the afternoon when I get home. Here's a pic of the boys all ready for a walk. I love how cute they look in their Phillies baseball hats!

We've been putting Liam on his stomach all the time now to encourage him to strengthen his upper body and think it's an OK thing to roll. The boys have been getting used to playing with the same toys, especially since Tommy can be across the room, but if I put Liam down to play with something, Tommy makes a beeline for his brother, because that must be much more fun than what he's playing with. They are both starting to become hams for the camera, immediately smiling as I try to take a picture. Here's them playing together the one morning this past week.

You gotta love a picture of a baby covered in cookie goo, so here's Tommy with his teething biscuit for your entertainment.

On my birthday, I took pics of the boys of what they were doing at one point of time on my day. Here's Tommy commando crawling into the kitchen from the family room.

And Liam was playing in the exersaucer, again smiling for the camera. What a ham!

And saving the best for last, here's both boys smiling for the camera in their "Kiss me I'm Irish" t-shirts they wore for St. Patrick's Day. I love how Liam is really showing his personality. He used to always look so serious for the camera, but yesterday he was just so expressive.


Rebecca said…
They are beyond cute! I have no idea how I found your blog, but it's so nice to see more twins (even if they are Phillies fans - haha)! Why do they make those teething biscuits so messy??
Leigh said…
I think Rebecca may have found you through mine - you come up on my sidebar :)

Oh my WORD! those boys are so handsome - I think one of them should marry Kendra :)

Those are messy biscuits!

I think Liam's like Connor (also like David, my friend's boy) - they're just more easygoing kind of guys.

Connor just one day decided to roll and now you can't contain him. When it eventually happens (whatever it may be), I think WHY was i stressing out about it? They do it when they're ready!

Seriously they are super cute and I wish i could give them big hugs in person.
Mermaid said…
Cute! Nicholas does the exact thing with Grace - makes a beeline for her to see what toy she might have. She's so delicate I'm always afraid he's going to break a rib or something, he gets so...affectionate. Grace has just recently decided she wants to roll and move and show her personality. I think Liam and Grace just needed to take their own time.
Mandibula said…
We have a pretty substantial weight difference too. I think you have just encouraged me to ban teething biscuits from our house! Emma is such the messy eater and Claire loves to smear her grimy, food laced hands on everything! I don't think I could give them food to hold!

I think not comparing twins is impossible. We have a mover and a shaker, and lumpy dumpling. But as soon as I start to worry that Emma is falling behind she always jumps to the challenge. Why do they let us get concerned?
Heather said…
They are just so freaking adorable!!
sky girl said…
They're getting so big. Becoming little boys.
Deanna said…
They are so cute! I love their hair--we are still a little slow in that department here! I had the same thought as Rebecca...why the heck are those teething biscuits so messy? My girls have only had them two or three times because I don't like to have to give them a bath the minute they finish eating. They have been eating Baby Mum-Mums, which are easy to hold, quick dissolving, and NOT messy! : )
Trace said…
Hilary said…
Awe melt me they are such cutie pies!! getting too big ;)

Love all the pictures!!!

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