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Hi all! Sorry I've been away for so long. I have so many updates to do. I have to say things have been really, really great! We really worked to enjoy the summer this year. We had put our lives on hold for so long because of infertility and then prematurity. We went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and then we spent a long weekend in Cape May, New Jersey. I've decided for next year we will do Cape May again for vacation, but a whole week. That was really right up our alley. You can walk right into town, do anything you want without having to drive and then if you want to drive to Wildwood for the boardwalk and amusement park it's only 10 minutes away. And it doesn't take as long to get to Cape May as it does to get to North Carolina.

Other than that, things have also been great at home and work as I've been working hard on my Flylady routines with the beginning of the school year and all. I love the beginning of the school year and fall. To me it's like New Year's but with better weather, LOL. I feel like everything is possible and it's a fresh start. Although I'm careful with my time and I don't get caught in the trap of volunteering for stuff. I figure I have an excuse with two toddlers running around. We've been keeping the house straightened up, laundry on top of, papers signed, bills done, menus planned. I'm very proud of myself!

I think what's helped is listening to some of the Flylady programs from BlogTalkRadio that I downloaded from iTunes. They had someone call in with a problem that she had been procrastinating about calling her insurance company with a claim that needed to be resubmitted and she was scared to call. Flylady made her drop everything and call that moment and then call back into the show to tell her how it went. She did and it was all taken care of in 5 minutes. I feel like a light bulb has gone off in my head since that call and I've been making out lists of things that need to be done in babysteps and tackling them 15 minutes at a time. Wednesdays to Flylady are called "Anti-Procrastination Day". This past Wednesday, I scheduled my hair appointment to touch up my roots, took care of a financial call, sent out two checks from expenses for the Outer Banks, and most importantly I scheduled my first mammogram!!! Go me! I also have had a lot more lightbulb moments about getting things done because of how quickly I was able to get things done on Wednesday.

I promise to blog more often and I'll post some updated pics. Phoebe started 4th grade the last week of August and she just started violin lessons at school this week. The boys are so cute (of course!). They are on the verge of walking, they love to mimic things that you do or say, and they love giving kisses, hugs and being held. I really have a lot to look forward to go home to at the end of the work day. I can't even begin to describe how grateful I feel after so many years to have what we have today. I adore my family with all my heart and want so much for them. My DH has been awesome at helping when he's not traveling for work (like this week and next). I even have pictures of this dinner he made me one night when we didn't have the kids. It was like when we were dating. It was so yummy! It was a watermelon soup with a crab salad in the middle. The soup was a little spicy and I didn't even realize it was watermelon until he told me.

Well, I hope all has been well with my bloggy friends. I do have lots of post reading to catch up on. Talk to you all soon!


Heather said…
Glad you are out living life and having fun!! But it is nice to hear from you too - you were missed.
Anonymous said…
yay for the new school year! i love it, too. :)

glad to hear that summer was great and that you are recharged. look forward to more updates and pics!
Good to have you back, Heather. And glad to hear that Phoebe and the boys are all doing so well. IT's true - we do have a lot to be grateful for :)
Deanna said…
Welcome back! Glad you had a good summer! : )

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