E-A-G-L-E-S! Eagles!

Well, they lost (after the boys were in bed already!) but they looked great! Plus some pics of them in their new PJs and other playing pics.

Look at this sweet one of Liam"s face!

And the boys with their Daddy!

A close up of Tommy (the Bruiser):

And I love this one. Liam kept making this face when he saw me bring the camera to my face. He was bracing himself for the flash going off.

We still haven't heard an official first word, but they are babbling all over. Tommy has taken to pointing at things, which is so cute (and effective!). We got their new forward-facing car seats and they loved them! They were very confused! Tommy kept pointing at the front of the car as if to say, "Wow! That was always there! This is cool!" Liam looked concerned. They are both on the verge of walking. It's there any day now. They'll take steps here or there and try to stand in the middle of the room.


I also love that picture of him anticipating the flash.

They have grown SO MUCH - look like little boys now :) not babies anymore

we also switched Connor to forward-facing, Kendra is still rear-facing because she's so small.
Suzanne said…
They are so stinking cute! They are getting so big!

Love the new PJ's!

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