Mammogram Update

I had my mammogram today and they want to see me in 6 months. I'm not worried. They just said there was some calcification on my right breast and since I've never had a mammogram before, they need to check to make sure it's not doing anything.

BTW, if I haven't said why I needed a mammogram, both my mother's sister and my mother's aunt have (or had) breast cancer. My great-aunt passed away several years ago from breast cancer and my aunt was just diagnosed this past year.

I've already figured out how to remind myself to schedule the test. Six months from now is March 21st, less than a week after my 40th birthday. My plan is to call to schedule the re-test on my birthday.


On My Mind 24/7 said…
Sounds like you are on top of it by having it checked out. I'm sure everything will be fine!
Carrie Ann said…
Good for you! I'm overdue for my first one. My mom's sister died last year from breast cancer as well as my great aunt. I'm sure you're all good. Thanks for the reminder!!
Mandy said…
One thing I do NOT look forward to, even if it is only once a year! On your birthday no less, what a treat! Wishing you all the best!
Rebecca said…
Wow...I was just thinking about when I'd have to start. My mother's mother passed from breast cancer, but none of my aunts have had it yet (knock wood). You're very smart for being right on it!
Heather said…
one way to celebrate, on your birthday! I hope all will be clear..
Martha said…
Thanks for taking care of yourself! Send my best to you and the family.

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