Updates from Last Week

So we survived last week. DH was in Los Angeles from early Monday morning until Friday night around 9 PM. It was exhausting! Thank goodness Niki was here, or I wouldn't have survived with all our appointments. The after-school activities for Phoebe are starting to heat up and Liam had a consult with a neurologist on Thursday. The good news is we don't need to see him again, even though he was such a sweet man. We made the appointment back in May when Liam wasn't motivated to move. It was funny as the doctor asked me if I had any concerns today (which I don't) and what concerns I had in the past (a lot!). It was like a trip down memory lane trying to remember all the details of Liam's early days in the hospital: how long he was on the respirator, CPAP, oxygen, going back to CPAP, diagnosis of PDA, him getting medicine to fix that, how he was so laid back about eating. It's amazing all the things I almost forgot. At first he was concerned because Liam was playing very quietly, but I had a thought that he was just really focused on all these cool new toys. At the end of the appointment when we started talking to Liam and he was in my lap, he was babbling away like usual and the doctor wasn't concerned anymore.

By the way, the boys did both say their first words: Tommy's was "bye-bye" and Liam's was "baby". Tommy was saying good-bye to me last Thursday before I went to work when he said it. Liam was looking at pictures of babies. It's so cute to watch them when you ask, "Where's the baby?" when you are in front of the diaper box. They crawl up and point to the baby on the box. So cute!

This week, other than the after-school activities and work to juggle, I'm getting my first mammogram at lunch-time today and I'm getting my getting my hair done on Thursday night. My roots are in desperate need of being colored. I'm so proud of myself for scheduling my mammogram. The other week, Flylady had an anti-procrastination week instead of just a day (Wednesdays). I got a lot of things done that needed to be done. Go me!


I think I'll join you on Thursday and also get a hair appt. My hair is in a CRAZY curly stage (worse than normal) and I'm ready to rip it out by the roots.

Let us know about the mammogram.

Also, isn't it amazing how things change? You read that post recently where I said I've come a long way...

Fantastic, big boys, on your first words!

BTW, thanks for your comment - you articulated what I was thinking PERFECTLY.

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