Crazy Work Update

It's been quite some time and there's been good reason. Home is great. Boys, Phoebe and DH are all good, but work is outrageously crazy. We've been under threats of layoffs since my last post. But of course it was all rumor and speculation. It finally sort of happened last Wednesday. They didn't lay anyone off though. The people they were going to let go are all in a pool of people that are looking at the current job openings in the company for another opportunity, while still being in the office. What's worse is that my boss is on that list and they gave me all his direct reports on top of the 8 people I was already managing. Then they also reduced my boss's overall team by 4 developers, reducing our ability to make things happen. So they are now looking at me to come up with a new organization for our team. I'm also putting together the list of processes we have to run every month, week and day and the list of new projects we currently have. I'm doing this, so me and my new manager can review the list for prioritizing what our responsibilities should continue to be. Then if not to make things more stressful, yesterday a new rumor came out that they are going to move me and my department to an entire other area of the company.

Thankfully, today I get a bit of a break from all that, as working for a bank, we get Veteran's Day off. Phoebe has school and DH has to work, so Niki and I get to enjoy the day with the boys. Except they've been sick and I'm finally taking them to the doctor today, as the stuffy nose has turned into a cough that is reminiscent of bronchitis. I'm one of these moms that doesn't believe in going to the doctor unless I think medicine is in order to help, which is not that often. But after 4 days of the humidifier running in their room, giving them watered down juice instead of milk to keep the mucus level down and feeding them homemade chicken noodle soup (Made by Phoebe and it's awesome! She has her dad's gift for cooking. It's better than mine and everyone insists mine is fabulous), when the cough developed yesterday afternoon, I knew it was time to go to the doctor. So we have an appointment this morning. Hopefully, antibiotics will be issued and the boys will begin to feel better. I know I'm not feeling that great, so I keep taking my vitamins, eating the chicken noodle soup and I'm going to drink a glass or Airborne shortly.

I'm sure everything at work will be fine, but it's stressful in the meantime. I'm working hard to keep all the folks together as nothing has formally been said around the office, but they want to keep throwing more work our way and there is no way we can handle the additional work right now during this transition.


Gosh Heather, that does sound stressful!

Horrible for your boss too, and for you.

At one of our biggest banks today, the 2000 staff they want to retrench took them to the labour court!

Glad to know the BIG things in life are still good :)
Carrie Ann said…
Good luck with work!! I hate that uncertainty. But since they look to you to do the planning, you have a great chance at being one of the "safe" ones. Fingers crossed for you! Hope the boys get better soon!!
Queenie. . . said…
That sounds so incredibly stressful. I am sure you will find a way to make it all work, and they must think highly of you if they've asked you to take all of that on. These are definitely tough times.

I hope the boys get better soon, too! Thank goodness you have Phoebe to help--amazing that she cooks!
Lauren said…
That is hard and I think going on everywhere to some degree.

I am glad everyone at home is good (even if a little sick) but hopefully better by the time I am seeing this.

BTW. My sister had her twins and now the fun begins. lol

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