Menu Plan - Week of November 28th

I'm working hard at looking at our finances and where we can shave things off so we can save more money. We do have three kids to try to put through college now! As part of that, I'm going to work on my weekly menu planning. BTW, the Baked Chicken Nuggets recipe is from one of my favorite menu planners online. We've tried this recipe before and it's a big hit with grownups and children alike.

Matzo Ball Soup
Crusty bread

French fries
Green beans
Make sushi for my lunches and turkey pot pie

Tuesday – ice skating night
Turkey pot pie

Wednesday – CYFF night
Homemade Chicken nuggets
Baked sweet potatoes

Thursday – ortho appt
Sausage, pasta & tomato sauce
Make pizza dough

Pizza & salad

Saturday - leftover night


Mandy said…
If you post these every week I can steal your plans!!
I really try to plan our menu and shopping list accordingly. I also only buy sales to stock our pantry which has really helped in addition to buying bulk! One sa.m's club trip every month and we're set!
You know what? I menu plan every single week (M-F) but I never post it :)

It definitely helps save money PLUS I like to do a "eat from the freezer" once a month - so it forces me to get creative with what i have in the freezer and pantry.
P.S. You are awesome to think about the kids' education now already.

I've been in denial but I have made a tentative appt with a financial planner. Gosh, how boring when I'd rather be travelling!
Carrie Ann said…
Thanks for the link to the homemade chick nuggets recipe. I'll try this recipe out.

I love looking at people's menu plans because I need some ideas to borrow! So thanks for posting.
Anonymous said…
i love planning out. you are way better than me though since you start prepping the night before. i did SOME of that this weekend for a big meal i was making, but it would be so much easier if i would just start the process the night before. ...and homemade pizza? maybe i should try that too! :)
Trace said…
I addded that blog to my reader and will be trying the chicken recipe. Yes, we're struggling with lack of funds since I opted to stay home with Lovey Girl. I have found the farmers market is VERY helful for buying produce at a lower cost along with big bulk stores and of course planning planning planning. I love the crock pot.

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