Looking for Balance

I think this title sums it up. I've been working a lot. I've had the cold the boys gave me and it threw me for a loop. My father-in-law had heart surgery and is now doing well at home. I've still been swamped with taking care of work and babies. There's so much other stuff I want to do. Go out with my husband. Spend non-distracted time with Phoebe! Do my nails. Take a long hot bath. Write on my blog! Work out!

The last one is the most important as I was doing so well with working out in the summer that I looked and felt great. I miss that. And going into the milestone 40th birthday this coming March, I want to go into that looking and feeling my best again. So it's back to the elliptical machine I go and I need to do some yoga. Maybe if it's not too cold out, I could take some walks outside. But I need to get rid of this head cold. My nose has been like the water works and yesterday it was giving me a sinus headache. Thankfully, none of that today.

Right now I have to go. Liam wants to be permanently attached to DH and Tommy is running around the house. We have to get dressed and go run errands. Hopefully I'll be finding some better balance this week.


I hope you feel better soon. When you find some of that balance, please send some my way, thanks!
Also, can't wait to see Colin's latest film, The King's Speech, hear it's great.

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