Meet the newest member of our family! It's a piano that has sat in my in-laws house unplayed for the past 30 years. My DH and his musician/music teacher friend, G, rented a truck on Saturday and picked it up. DH fully dusted it and replaced the fabric that was on the bottom panel. I think it looks fabulous! It doesn't sound fabulous right now, but his friend is going to call a piano tuner for us and hopefully by Christmas we'll have G playing carols in our front living room! I tease G as our front living room is becoming a music room like his. They have a piano and a whole bunch of other instruments he plays/teaches. Our room now has a piano, guitar and violin. Phoebe plays guitar and violin right now. She also has memorized a small song on piano already, although she's never had lessons. I always wanted to learn to play piano. Now's my chance!


Deanna said…
Nice! I took piano lessons for a year or so when I was younger, but I wish I could play a little more too. Maybe you can take lessons now!
Mandy said…
SCORE! My uncle just found one for his house on free cycle! How could anyone part with a piano(unless of course you're passing it to the grandkids)! I'm a bit envious! My husband is a musican/music teacher but we have an organ-not my favorite, a few guitars, a few clarinets, and a variety of drums and tribal instruments. So many we have additional homeowners insurance! I would love to have a piano! Enjoy!!

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