Being Brave With Twins - Or Ice Cream!!!!

I was really brave with the boys last night.  I took them out to Friendly's for ice cream by myself.  Phoebe slept over her best friend's house last night, DH is out of town for work and I took Niki to her dance lesson.  Her lesson is only 40 minutes, so instead of turning around and going back home, I decided to take the boys out for ice cream and then to the grocery store.  Let me just tell you it was total cuteness!  They kept saying over again as we were going inside the restaurant, "Ice Keem!  Ice Keem!"  and their pleases and thank yous all over the place.  After we placed the order, peanut butter cup ice cream for me with hot fudge and vanilla ice cream hot fudge sundaes for the boys.  I let each of the boys have their own kids size ice cream sundae and I'm glad I did, because they each finished it themselves and asked for more!   I let them eat themselves and helped just a little bit.  They are getting to be such big boys.  Now onto the cuteness!

Here's Tommy eating his sundae

And here's Liam enjoying his

And yes, they were very hopped up on sugar when we were leaving and it was so funny trying to get them to the car.


What a treat! You're a cool mom.
Deanna said…
So cute! Did it make you feel a bit like supermom to have a successful outing with them alone? It always does for me! : )
strongblonde said…
you ARE brave. and totally awesome ;)
Queenie. . . said…
I just can't get over how big they are getting! They are really little boys now. Where is timing going?!
Mandy said…
Living life on the wild side! All that sugar and by yourself no less!! I'm amazed that I girls still don't like ice cream. They haven't gotten past the cold so I get to sit and enjoy mine for now.
My kids are like Mandy's - don't like ice-cream. Then again, I'm not a lover of ice-cream either.

BUT back to you, rock star supermom. What big, cute boys!

PS on the next post - I don't know if high schools should let you teach maths to hormonal adolescent boys - would they get past your hotness? :)
Suzanne said…
Yum yum! So glad to hear it was a great experience!

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