Physical Appointment Much Overdue

I have another update in that I went and had what should be an annual physical with the doctor.  I haven't had one in about 6 to 8 years.  I'm always so busy keeping up with my annual GYN appointments, mammograms and before the boys, the reproductive doctor, so I haven't had time to make one.  I also do a good job going to the dentist every six months and the eye doctor once a year.  But I'm proud of myself for making the appointment and keeping it.

I had a count of the four things I needed to make sure I talked to the doctor about.  I was afraid I might forget one of them.  They were as follows:  1.  toenail fungus,  2.  mole on back and overall skin cancer screening, 3.  seasonal allergies,  4.  anxiety.  I'm so glad I brought these all up.  The toenail issues are going to be resolved by a daily pill for the next three months.  The mole on my back is actually scar tissue from a granuloma she removed from my back a few years ago, which wasn't even a mole.  She checked out some of the others on my back and said everything looked OK.  The seasonal allergies, I can call when they start acting up again and she'll prescribe nasal sprays which should work better than the over the counter pills.  On the last one, anxiety, I'm really glad I mentioned something.  She had noticed something when she was listening to my pulse that I was throwing some extra beats in there.  She said she's not worried about my heart, but she wants to do a thyroid levels test with my other bloodwork.  She said that thyroid issues can cause more anxiety than one would ordinarily have.  She did like how I said I deal with anxiety, watching my breathing, doing yoga, exercise.  I don't have any issues that would cause me to see someone or take any medicine, but I'm curious to see what the thyroid levels show.  She did say that I might just have anxiety because I have three kids, two of which are toddler twin boys and a stressful job.  I have to fast for the blood work, so I'm going on my way to work tomorrow.  I wonder if I'll get the results before the end of the week.


I love that you made and went to your appointment.

The minute this book's done I will schedule the biokineticist, dentist and gynae, one a week.

ALso can't wait to find out your results.

BTW< loved the previous post too, esp the end of the day "much, much more" bit. hahahaha
Mandy said…
Sounds just like me, I see everyone but my GP! I havent' seen the GP since....**crickets** before I was married! HA! I guess I should start fresh with a new Dr.

It amazes me I can keep up with specifics but my whole health I let myself overlook. I have a horrible habit of using my GYN as my GP in a pinch. Between her and urgent care I haven't felt a need for my GP. I think you just gave me the push I needed!
Anonymous said…
good job ;)

you have to take care of yourself!!

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