Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Boys at 30 Months

The boys are officially 2 1/2 years old today!!!  In six months, they will be 3 years old!  I wanted to take some pics of the boys tonight to commemorate the day, but they were exhausted.  I wanted to take the pictures with the boys in my favorite of their pajamas, so we waited until they ate dinner and got them changed afterward.  They ate so much at dinner tonight!!!  We had pineapple chicken sausages, roasted rosemary potatoes, and steamed veggies.  They had seconds and in some cases thirds.  I haven't seen them eat this much in ages.  So we did PJs and then I got them on the couch.  These are what I got.....

So how are the boys personalities these days?  They are amazing, exhausting, sweet, lovable and amazing!!!

Tommy is my bull in a china shop, but he's also very happy and always expressive.  You can see the way he is saying "cheese" with his hands included in the pictures above.  He's also a bit of a drama king these days.  Liam will just touch him in a thought to push him and Tommy will collapse to the floor and cry.  It's really pretty funny how he over-reacts sometimes.  He is also very verbal about what his interests are.  I'll say "It's time for bed."  I get from Tommy, "I not!"  We went to the park on Sunday and when it was time to go, Phoebe got Liam to walk to the car with no problems, but I eventually had to pick up Tommy as he made a break for going back up the slides.  He got very upset and said "I not! I need the park!"  I eventually got him to say "Bye bye, park.  See you another day!"  But all in all, Tommy is usually the happiest kid ever.  He wakes up with a smile on his face and if he's doing what he wants unimpeded these days, he's really really happy.  He loves books, but we can't trust Tommy with any books, even board books.  He pulls them apart to shreds if you give him a book when he is in bed.

Liam is sweet, sensitive and loves to be held.  I mean really really loves to be held.  If I knew he loved to be held so much, I would have bought one baby sling and at least had my hands free.  A common phrase from Liam is, "Up, please!"  He loves to give kisses and knows how happy it makes me to say "mini-me", so he says it for me on command all the time.  He is truly my mini-me.  He really looks like my identical twin, but a boy version.  He's very serious and loves to read books.  We could even trust Liam with a regular book in bed and he would just turn the pages carefully and pretend he is reading.

One of the things that makes me the most proud is how good the boys are with their manners.  Tommy has learned to say "May I?" instead of "Gimme that."  Liam doesn't even think of saying "Gimme that."  Both boys know their pleases and thank yous and Tommy even said "Excuse me" to someone on Thanksgiving when he was passing by them in the room.  They are learning to say "Bless you" when someone sneezes.  I'm so proud of my little boys and how they are learning about the world and growing both literally and mentally.  Next step after the holidays - potty training!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Villanova Football Game

DH went to Villanova University for his MBA and he loves to take us to Villanova basketball and football games.  This was against University of Delaware and unfortunately we lost :-(

The game was played not at either university, but at a soccer stadium for the Philadelphia Union team.  It was really cool.  Here was the view of the waterfront from our seats.

We were all decked out in full Villanova attire.  I'm pretty happy with this pic DH took of me.

Me and my girl, Phoebe.  She was so into the game.  She won that hat at a game in the alumni tent before the game, lucky girl!

Here's DH and I, photo courtesy of Phoebe.  She is a good photographer!

Phoebe then took over the camera for awhile.  Here's one moment she noticed of someone wearing their pajamas to the game.

She liked the cheerleaders and the team mascot.  They are the Villanova Wildcats.  Here's the cheerleaders showing off their gymnastic skills.

Here's the team mascot!

Here's a pre-snap shot of the teams.

And yes, they lost, but there will be another game next year.  This was the last football game of their season, so "Let's go Nova!!!"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Official Thanksgiving Pictures

Phoebe and her aunt prepping one of our two turkeys. They were huge at 35 and 36 pounds.

The stuffing of the bird!  You can see Phoebe is having a hard time.

We cook them overnight. They went in about 11 PM on Wednesday night at 250 degrees.  We turned it up to 300 degrees at 4 AM and then up to 350 at 7:30 AM.  They were done about 10 AM on Thursday.  They take up the whole oven!!!

Here's the table with the turkey and all the trimmings.

Phoebe and the boys all tried to tackle eating the same turkey leg.  Finally, their dad got what was left of the turkey leg.  Here's Phoebe tackling the leg.  Notice all the pies behind her.  I made those the day before.

Here's Tommy trying to tackle the same leg when Phoebe was done.  The boys both had fresh haircuts from Wednesday morning when their dad took them to the barber.  #2 clipper on back and sides and scissor to match on top.  Or as my one friend said, "time to join the military hair".  I love them with short hair.

Liam looks happy to have his chance at the leg when Tommy was done!  He also liked the cranberry sauce, which is the red colored goo on the side of his mouth.

And here's the boys the following day enjoying their Boy Scout popcorn delivered by their cousin Jake to Thanksgiving dessert.

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Hope all my US readers all did as well!  Now we're on to Christmas holiday planning!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow!  A lot has been going on around here, with much more coming too!  I'll give the update next week on my goals.  Some have been working out, others not so much....  LOL  It's nice that I tried.  I'm sure next month's goals will be better.   One big piece of news - I finally dropped my cell phone in the toilet at work after so many years of bringing it in the stall afraid someone would steal it.  Of course it was my nice iPhone that didn't have insurance, as I've never needed it before.  It seemed like a waste of money.  Well, I've ordered the iPhone 4S and I'm going to suck it up using DH's old phone until my new one comes in sometime in December.  I did get insurance this time.

Right now, I'm working from home today so I can get some pies baked, other Thanksgiving foods prepped and straighten up the millions of hotspots that seem to surround me.  I currently have two pecan pies in the oven.  Soon to be followed by 3 pumpkin pies and 1 coconut custard pie.  Then we have fresh cranberry sauce to make and onions and celery to cut for the stuffing.

DH and Phoebe took the boys to get their hair cut as it was getting pretty shaggy.  Please note that my boys walk into a barber looking like some boys come out.  I'm much happier with their hair short.  I think DH said he gets a #2 clippers on the sides and scissor cut on top to match and blend.  I'll do pictures later today if they are not as cranky as they always seem to be lately.  After they go down for a nap, they'll stay here with Aunt Niki while DH, Phoebe and I run to Philly to get our two 30 pound turkeys from the Amish stand we get them from every year.  Yes, two over 30 pounds each!  We do that every year, but this is our first year to actually host and we're very happy about that.  We've been driving to my in-laws every year for about 19 years and helping make all the dinner there where we don't have all our kitchen equipment.  Now we have two and a half ovens, six burners, a big ice maker and a huge refrigerator.  Did I ever mention we like to cook?!

So I hope everyone has a very very Happy Thanksgiving!!!  I have a lot to be thankful for and part of it will be the food, LOL!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Phoebe's Fifth Grade School Picture

Here's Phoebe's 5th Grade School Picture.  I really like her in red or bright colors.  She's definitely becoming quite the little lady.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

November Goals

Marcia has prompted me to think about and write down my November goals.  Mine are lofty, but I believe some are very doable.  Here we are:

  • Work out 6 days a week (I'm trying to become a person that works out daily.  It's good for my back issues)
  • Practice my morning, after work and evening routines everyday
  • Get up and dressed before the flow of the family (I'm pretty bad about this)
  • Plan for the holidays (both Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • Build my Financial Control Journal and budget
  • Meal Plan weekly - even if it's just documenting what we did eat, LOL
  • Blog on my progress on these items
  • Ensure the completion of the conversion we're working on goes smoothly
  • Finish and deliver the presentation I've been working on to my boss's boss (Sr. Director) and my team
  • Transition the planned work to the new Mumbai team
  • Keep minor ad-hoc requests at bay at work in emails
I'll report on 12/1/2011 with how I made out....

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.  Here's Phoebe before she left for school yesterday.  She recreated the "humilitard" that Jordan had to wear on "Big Brother" this summer.

The boys still fit into their dinosaur costumes from last year, although the legs kept riding up.  They were not in a great mood yesterday, so we only went to a few houses with them and then took them home.  Here they are with Daddy watching Shakira's video "Waka Waka" before we went out.  It is their favorite music video to watch.  She came out with that song for the Soccer World Cup in South Africa.  I think their thought is "Guys playing soccer and a pretty lady dancing... It doesn't get better than that!"

Here's trying to get a view of their costumes.

Bye! Happy Happy Halloween!  PS - like the bushes across the street?  That's at our house!