Happy Halloween!!!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.  Here's Phoebe before she left for school yesterday.  She recreated the "humilitard" that Jordan had to wear on "Big Brother" this summer.

The boys still fit into their dinosaur costumes from last year, although the legs kept riding up.  They were not in a great mood yesterday, so we only went to a few houses with them and then took them home.  Here they are with Daddy watching Shakira's video "Waka Waka" before we went out.  It is their favorite music video to watch.  She came out with that song for the Soccer World Cup in South Africa.  I think their thought is "Guys playing soccer and a pretty lady dancing... It doesn't get better than that!"

Here's trying to get a view of their costumes.

Bye! Happy Happy Halloween!  PS - like the bushes across the street?  That's at our house!


Deanna said…
Phoebe is so creative! I love that her costume is pop-culture related!

Your neighbors are brave, leaving out a bowl for trick or treaters to take their own candy. That wouldn't last long around some of the kids we saw come through last night! : )
cat said…
They look great! And got to love Waka waka - my kids still love it and we use it in our Zumba class.

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