The Boys at 30 Months

The boys are officially 2 1/2 years old today!!!  In six months, they will be 3 years old!  I wanted to take some pics of the boys tonight to commemorate the day, but they were exhausted.  I wanted to take the pictures with the boys in my favorite of their pajamas, so we waited until they ate dinner and got them changed afterward.  They ate so much at dinner tonight!!!  We had pineapple chicken sausages, roasted rosemary potatoes, and steamed veggies.  They had seconds and in some cases thirds.  I haven't seen them eat this much in ages.  So we did PJs and then I got them on the couch.  These are what I got.....

So how are the boys personalities these days?  They are amazing, exhausting, sweet, lovable and amazing!!!

Tommy is my bull in a china shop, but he's also very happy and always expressive.  You can see the way he is saying "cheese" with his hands included in the pictures above.  He's also a bit of a drama king these days.  Liam will just touch him in a thought to push him and Tommy will collapse to the floor and cry.  It's really pretty funny how he over-reacts sometimes.  He is also very verbal about what his interests are.  I'll say "It's time for bed."  I get from Tommy, "I not!"  We went to the park on Sunday and when it was time to go, Phoebe got Liam to walk to the car with no problems, but I eventually had to pick up Tommy as he made a break for going back up the slides.  He got very upset and said "I not! I need the park!"  I eventually got him to say "Bye bye, park.  See you another day!"  But all in all, Tommy is usually the happiest kid ever.  He wakes up with a smile on his face and if he's doing what he wants unimpeded these days, he's really really happy.  He loves books, but we can't trust Tommy with any books, even board books.  He pulls them apart to shreds if you give him a book when he is in bed.

Liam is sweet, sensitive and loves to be held.  I mean really really loves to be held.  If I knew he loved to be held so much, I would have bought one baby sling and at least had my hands free.  A common phrase from Liam is, "Up, please!"  He loves to give kisses and knows how happy it makes me to say "mini-me", so he says it for me on command all the time.  He is truly my mini-me.  He really looks like my identical twin, but a boy version.  He's very serious and loves to read books.  We could even trust Liam with a regular book in bed and he would just turn the pages carefully and pretend he is reading.

One of the things that makes me the most proud is how good the boys are with their manners.  Tommy has learned to say "May I?" instead of "Gimme that."  Liam doesn't even think of saying "Gimme that."  Both boys know their pleases and thank yous and Tommy even said "Excuse me" to someone on Thanksgiving when he was passing by them in the room.  They are learning to say "Bless you" when someone sneezes.  I'm so proud of my little boys and how they are learning about the world and growing both literally and mentally.  Next step after the holidays - potty training!


Sandra said…
Very precious! And so very well behaved with the "excuse me" and the "may I" 16 year old still says "Gimme that"...we're still working on manners.
cat said…
Oh so beautiful to see them coming into their own.
Deanna said…
Happy 30 months to Tommy and Liam! I love their pictures and how you can see their different personalities exhibited.

We use the "say bye-bye to the park" tricks all the time, for all manner of things they don't want to do. Usually it distracts the girls enough to get their minds off whatever they were upset about! : )
I should try "say bye bye"!

It sounds like Connor is Tommy and Kendra is Liam :)

Connor feels everything so intensely these days - everything is a BIG DEAL!!! with loudness, emotion, etc.

I love how yours are so cute with the manners!!!
Anonymous said…
yea! they are HUGE! :) love these pics.

they had 3rds?? maybe i should have my kids hang out with yours!!!
The boys are SOOOO cute. I love how you can see their different personalities just in the pics.

I gave you a blog award. See my blog for details. :)
Queenie. . . said…
They are so cute! I can't believe how big they are getting. And I am so envious they eat veggies. We are doing great with fruit, but really struggle getting my daughter to eat veggies.

We do the "bye bye park" thing, too. For some reason, it seems to work at staving off the tantrums. Well, at least most of the time!

Happy holidays!

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