Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow!  A lot has been going on around here, with much more coming too!  I'll give the update next week on my goals.  Some have been working out, others not so much....  LOL  It's nice that I tried.  I'm sure next month's goals will be better.   One big piece of news - I finally dropped my cell phone in the toilet at work after so many years of bringing it in the stall afraid someone would steal it.  Of course it was my nice iPhone that didn't have insurance, as I've never needed it before.  It seemed like a waste of money.  Well, I've ordered the iPhone 4S and I'm going to suck it up using DH's old phone until my new one comes in sometime in December.  I did get insurance this time.

Right now, I'm working from home today so I can get some pies baked, other Thanksgiving foods prepped and straighten up the millions of hotspots that seem to surround me.  I currently have two pecan pies in the oven.  Soon to be followed by 3 pumpkin pies and 1 coconut custard pie.  Then we have fresh cranberry sauce to make and onions and celery to cut for the stuffing.

DH and Phoebe took the boys to get their hair cut as it was getting pretty shaggy.  Please note that my boys walk into a barber looking like some boys come out.  I'm much happier with their hair short.  I think DH said he gets a #2 clippers on the sides and scissor cut on top to match and blend.  I'll do pictures later today if they are not as cranky as they always seem to be lately.  After they go down for a nap, they'll stay here with Aunt Niki while DH, Phoebe and I run to Philly to get our two 30 pound turkeys from the Amish stand we get them from every year.  Yes, two over 30 pounds each!  We do that every year, but this is our first year to actually host and we're very happy about that.  We've been driving to my in-laws every year for about 19 years and helping make all the dinner there where we don't have all our kitchen equipment.  Now we have two and a half ovens, six burners, a big ice maker and a huge refrigerator.  Did I ever mention we like to cook?!

So I hope everyone has a very very Happy Thanksgiving!!!  I have a lot to be thankful for and part of it will be the food, LOL!


Linda :) said…
Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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