Official Thanksgiving Pictures

Phoebe and her aunt prepping one of our two turkeys. They were huge at 35 and 36 pounds.

The stuffing of the bird!  You can see Phoebe is having a hard time.

We cook them overnight. They went in about 11 PM on Wednesday night at 250 degrees.  We turned it up to 300 degrees at 4 AM and then up to 350 at 7:30 AM.  They were done about 10 AM on Thursday.  They take up the whole oven!!!

Here's the table with the turkey and all the trimmings.

Phoebe and the boys all tried to tackle eating the same turkey leg.  Finally, their dad got what was left of the turkey leg.  Here's Phoebe tackling the leg.  Notice all the pies behind her.  I made those the day before.

Here's Tommy trying to tackle the same leg when Phoebe was done.  The boys both had fresh haircuts from Wednesday morning when their dad took them to the barber.  #2 clipper on back and sides and scissor to match on top.  Or as my one friend said, "time to join the military hair".  I love them with short hair.

Liam looks happy to have his chance at the leg when Tommy was done!  He also liked the cranberry sauce, which is the red colored goo on the side of his mouth.

And here's the boys the following day enjoying their Boy Scout popcorn delivered by their cousin Jake to Thanksgiving dessert.

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Hope all my US readers all did as well!  Now we're on to Christmas holiday planning!


Holy cow, look at all those pies! Being all full of hormones and stuff right now, I can only dream of being locked alone in a room with them. Mmm...

Your Thanksgiving looked awesome, by the way. And I love the short-boy haircuts. Though it's always bittersweet to see my son look a teeny bit less baby-ish with every haircut, and the real "boy" starting to be revealed. Sigh...
Your pies look awesome!

And so do the turkeys!

LOVE the boys hair so short - they look like real little boys :)
cat said…
It does look like a total feast. And yes, we also do military hair!
Deanna said…
Looks like a fun day! Your pictures made me a bit hungry; thank goodness it's almost lunchtime! : )

The boys' haircuts look great. I haven't taken my girls for official haircuts yet, but I am trying to work it in before Christmas. That should be an experience!

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