Villanova Football Game

DH went to Villanova University for his MBA and he loves to take us to Villanova basketball and football games.  This was against University of Delaware and unfortunately we lost :-(

The game was played not at either university, but at a soccer stadium for the Philadelphia Union team.  It was really cool.  Here was the view of the waterfront from our seats.

We were all decked out in full Villanova attire.  I'm pretty happy with this pic DH took of me.

Me and my girl, Phoebe.  She was so into the game.  She won that hat at a game in the alumni tent before the game, lucky girl!

Here's DH and I, photo courtesy of Phoebe.  She is a good photographer!

Phoebe then took over the camera for awhile.  Here's one moment she noticed of someone wearing their pajamas to the game.

She liked the cheerleaders and the team mascot.  They are the Villanova Wildcats.  Here's the cheerleaders showing off their gymnastic skills.

Here's the team mascot!

Here's a pre-snap shot of the teams.

And yes, they lost, but there will be another game next year.  This was the last football game of their season, so "Let's go Nova!!!"


Love the pics! You're looking hot mama!!

And think it's fabulous that the Nova cheerleaders are wearing sweats since it's colder. That rocks.

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