November Goals

Marcia has prompted me to think about and write down my November goals.  Mine are lofty, but I believe some are very doable.  Here we are:

  • Work out 6 days a week (I'm trying to become a person that works out daily.  It's good for my back issues)
  • Practice my morning, after work and evening routines everyday
  • Get up and dressed before the flow of the family (I'm pretty bad about this)
  • Plan for the holidays (both Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • Build my Financial Control Journal and budget
  • Meal Plan weekly - even if it's just documenting what we did eat, LOL
  • Blog on my progress on these items
  • Ensure the completion of the conversion we're working on goes smoothly
  • Finish and deliver the presentation I've been working on to my boss's boss (Sr. Director) and my team
  • Transition the planned work to the new Mumbai team
  • Keep minor ad-hoc requests at bay at work in emails
I'll report on 12/1/2011 with how I made out....


Carrie Ann said…
The kids looked great for Halloween! The boys are so big! I'm full of admiration that you can work and keep things sane on the home-front. I work PT but have to go back full-time in a year or two and terrified our house will fall apart when I do so. Your blog should be called 'Super Awesome Mom"!
I'm absolutely delighted that you posted your goals! LOVE it!

You're going to do awesome this month!
Anonymous said…
these sound like very doable goals! :) good luck!!!
cat said…
Hope you will do well! I am too flippin scared to do this.

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